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e-beans Pricing

The pricing for e-beans is very simple. We charge $150 per month for the use of our system for up to 500 orders per month. Then the licensing fee scales from there depending on your order volume using the matrix below.

In addition we charge a one-time setup fee of $500 to create your account, load your product data, configure your store preferences, and pull in your design template.

If you have any other questions regarding pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Orders/MonthMonthly Cost

Client Testimonials
"e-beans is completely integrated into our website providing our customers with a seamless visit to our site."

e-beans screen shot

Track Newsletter Subscribers
Create multiple email lists for the different facets of your company. One for your newsletter subscribers, one for your customers, another for your best clients, or another for your current prospects. Mass upload email addresses to a specified list. Export your data to use with a third party email tool. Search your subscriber database by email address, add new subscribers, manage unsubscribes.

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