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Mobile Administration Site

We didn't design the e-beans mobile site exclusively for your customers... we designed it for you too!

Now you can stay up to date with your daily sales totals and other reporting needs while on the road (or vacation!).

Simply log into the mobile site using your administration credentials to access your Order Queue, Order Archive, Sales Reports, Best Sellers, and more.

Client Testimonials
"e-beans has allowed us to expand our sales through online coupons, online fundraising, and donations. e-beans is a great solution."

e-beans screen shot

Manage Promotion Codes
Create a limitless number of customer incentive promotions to help drive traffic and revenue to your online store. Set specific date ranges to expire date-sensitive promotions. Specify eligibility rules to limit promotions to new or existing customers. Restrict offers to once per customer for non-repeating promotions. Set minimum dollar amounts or order poundage to promote larger orders. Engage customers with free shipping enticements to push them over the edge.

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