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Online Ordering via Your Smart Phone

That's right! Your online store is now available to your customers via their mobile phone!

Your e-beans mobile site is your pocket-sized online store providing the convenience of ordering on the go. Customers can browse your product line, access content-rich product detail pages, and make purchases directly from their smart phone.

This is not an App - its better. It a mobile website that's accessible to all of your customers via a link from your main Website. Returning customers can access their order history to re-create prior orders or place new orders.

Naturally these mobile orders are streamlined directly into your standard e-beans order fulfillment tools. No re-keying of order information. Instead, each order is sent directly to the Order Queue in the same fashion as any other electronic order. From there, its processed and fulfilled with the same grace, accuracy, and efficiency as your other orders.

Mobile Administration Site
If you thought all of that was great, you'll love this... In addition to the customer facing excellence of your new mobile site, you also have access to your e-beans backend via the same device. That's right. Simply login using your username and password to view a suite of e-beans administration pages designed for your mobile phone. Now you can have real time access to daily sales information from anywhere. Learn more.

Client Testimonials
"e-beans provides us with a number of production and sales reports that are very helpful as management tools."

e-beans screen shot

Coffee Blends
Enter the component products that make up your blends and your roast report will tell you what and how much to roast to satisfy each blend order. This way your roaster can focus on roasting the single origin coffees and let your post-roast people mix the blends prior to bagging and shipping.

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