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e-beans Features

e-beans is a complete e-commerce and order management system that reaches out to both the front side and back end of your Website. The front side features drive the customer's experience as they browse and purchase items from your catalog. The back end order management site provides you with the functions and controls to manage everything you need to promote, sell, deliver, and re-market your store.

Front Side Features

Mobile Site

Management Features

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Client Testimonials
"e-beans is more than just a useful business tool. It has been at the core of our business from just a couple hundred club customers to thousands per month."

e-beans screen shot

Daily Sales Reports
Provide daily order summaries of total items sold, number of orders, total sales, average price per order, total discounts, shipping and more. Digest side by side comparisons of each day in the week, 7-day weekly summaries, or specific days of the week (i.e. sales figures for the past 5 Mondays). Visualize your data in a dynamic flash-based graph to help determine customer spending trends.

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