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e-beans Web Order Management

e-beans is the e-commerce product from Scully Interactive, a Web development company in Burlington, Vermont.

Since 2001, Scully Interactive has been developing, maintaining, marketing and selling e-beans to retailers and wholesalers in the coffee and food industry. Over the past nine years, e-beans has evolved into a robust all-in-one application that allows its clients to market and sell their products with greater ease and with greater returns.

Why coffee? The conception of e-beans came from an opportunity to work with a local roaster here in Burlington (and the fact that programmers in general are known for consuming mass quantities of the stuff). Being a replenishable product with a positive recurring revenue model, strong customer loyalties, and on-demand delivery, the coffee industry seemed ripe for its own purpose-built e-commerce product. In addition, the tools that were available to e-tailers at that time came up short in delivering an affordable solution that was comprehensive enough to go end-to-end - from marketing to final delivery. Besides, the coffee industry is a great space. Its a global marketplace whose consumer demands have made it the second largest import into the US. On top of that, its a fascinating product - grown on a bush as the pit of a cherry in countries found on and around the equator, then harvested and trafficed to every corner of the globe. Amazing.

What else do you guys do? We're very focused on e-beans as our primary product and spend most of our time discussing new needs and features with our clients. However, we also do some work outside of the coffee and food industry developing highly custom web applications geared toward streamlining workflow, improving process, integrating system activities, and generally helping businesses run as efficiently as possible.

Oh right, we're also working on a Point of Sale module for e-beans which is currently being tested on site at a little up and coming Burlington restaurant known as The Spot.

Client Testimonials
"e-beans' small business approach stands in marked contrast to the corporate mentality that pervades most web-based systems."

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Products Purchased Report
Find out when a specific product was purchased between any range of dates. Helpful for tracking down those customers that ordered in a particular item. Save the results and automatically email each customer via the Email Blast tool to follow up or re-market.

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